Why do you have a FAQ?

It came as part of the template for the website and I decided fuck it. Let’s do this.

Is the first book of the borders war free?

It is! Everywhere except Amazon, that is (due to their pricing policy). You can find links to free copies of One Breath, One Bullet here

Will you write any more borders war books?

Merq and Armise’s story is complete. I have ideas for three new books featuring other characters, but no idea if/when those will jump up my writing list.

I have a question about writing/publishing. Can i email you?

Absolutely! I was blessed to have the support of published authors when I started out and I’m happy to pay that forward. You can find me on Twitter or email me anytime.


Do You have Patreon?

I don’t. If you’re interested in receiving exclusive content, free stories, and hearing first what’s happening with my writing, then sign up for my email newsletter. All subscribers receive information to access the password-protected section of my site for free.

I do have a Ko-fi account, though. All donations there are added to my writing fund to support editing, covers, graphics designers, and costs directly associated with self-publishing.

Will You ever Pull “In the sin bin” to publish it?

Nope. ITSB is a fandom work and it will stay free and available for the Malec fandom.