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Where the Land Goes on Forever.jpg

Augie and Shon spent six debauched nights in Germany proving that gravity was just a suggestion, and six days ignoring that there could be something more than just sex between them. It’s been eight months since they parted – Augie for California to finish his dissertation, and Shon to Tanzania to lead the Serengeti Rhino Protection Unit – but they're about to find out how much those six nights actually meant to them....

Flash Knockdown.jpg

It's been twenty-seven days since the accident. Nineteen days since I woke up from the medically induced coma. I can no longer decipher what of the accident and my time in the hospital is memory and what is nightmare. So Cas is on a mission to figure it all out. He's determined to rid me of the night terrors I've been experiencing. Which, I suppose, is to his benefit as well but I know that's not the reason he's doing it.

This is What a Cold Lake Looks Like.jpg

The bones of the trees around me are stark. Bare. Hardwoods free of their canopies, because there’s no more need for shade. What needed to be hidden is now gone. Passed on.

Only the beech trees retain any leaves. The jagged oval shaped sheets clinging to the greying branches. So yellow. Yellow like the street signs warning there’s a bend in the road ahead. A change coming.